Photography Inspiration

In my opinion, for photography it is important to be inspired and find the things that inspire you. I tend to take a lot of pictures of nature and animals because those are things that I find wonderful and beautiful and unique so I like having the opportunity to take photos out there. I love living near forests and beaches and even a main city because there is so much out there.

Animals are also lovely little creatures to take pictures of and they’re so photogenic. I have 2 cats so I adore taking photos of them because I think they’re beautiful but I do also love taking pictures of all animals. Dogs, cats, birds, anything. I do however find it easy to take photos of static objects, such as dolls or video-game related items and they’re perfectly acceptable things to take photos of too. I have seen some amazing photography to do with dolls, it is seriously amazing what some people can do and even just backgrounds and lighting can change the way the dolls face looks despite its inability to physically change it’s expression.

A big tip for photography is to find the things that inspire you, whether that be gaming related things, architecture, graffiti, nature, animals, anything you can think of. If you enjoy it, get photos of it because it’ll be something nice to look back on and you can get some stunning photos out of pretty much anything. Photography is a great way to capture the beauty of the world and even relax and even editing photos and sharing them can be a fun and exciting thing to do and it is so enjoyable.

Inspiration can be found anywhere but for me it mostly comes from being outdoors. Getting outside and taking pictures of trees and flowers and the sky as well as other things can be fun and relaxing and enjoyable and I’d love to know what things inspire others for photography.




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