Book Review – All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher

22232035Book: All I Know Now

Author: Carrie Hope Fletcher

Format: Hardcover

Rating: 4/5

Review: For those of you who don’t know, Carrie Hope Fletcher is an actress, singer, author and YouTuber as well as being the sister of Tom from McFly. This book is a non-fiction book which basically consists of advice with her own anecdotes and is something that offers genuinely helpful advice and is most likely best suited for teenagers (probably better for girls than boys as well). It’s a book that is quite chatty with the reader and filled with references to things such as Harry Potter & Shrek and reflects Carrie wonderfully by having the book separated into Acts and also includes cute illustrations. The book, despite its chatty nature, does include topics such as love, sex, dreams (realistic vs unrealistic), the internet and self-harm and depression but it is done in such a nice and careful way yet she is also honest about her experiences and advice. She gives lovely reminders, such as to do things that make you happy and don’t necessarily do these things just to please our parents, as our own happiness is also so important and we need to look after ourselves. Not only does the book consist of anecdotes about her own life, but it also briefly delves into the life of Tom and sections of what his life was like as a teen (being in McFly, his musical talent, how she looked up to him and his diagnosis of bipolar). It also does include minor bad language, and although it is not overused, I did just want to put that out there as a warning. The back of the book also contains useful links for people who need help if they are suffering from depression, bullying or just need someone to talk to which I think is very sweet. Overall, I did enjoy this book. I saw things that I believe would be useful for me, and things that would be useful for other people and the inclusion of links to help readers is something very sweet and well thought out. I have loved Carrie as a YouTuber and I respect her so much as a person so for that reason I do recommend this book and hope that people can find use in the advice she gives.



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