Month: February 2018

Apple Pencil Review (non-artist)

For Christmas, I received an Apple Pencil, and as someone who is not an artist, I wanted to give it a little review. For those who don’t know, the Apple Pencil is basically a special stylus used only with the iPad Pro and can help digital artists and is also useful for other things.


Personally, I use it for editing my photos (as I do a lot of photography and therefore do a lot of photo editing) and for writing and I have to say that this is way better than a standard stylus you can buy for a low amount of money on somewhere online. It works with apps such as Notability to recognise the pencil (as it connects via Bluetooth) and to use it as if it were a pen on paper. It really does feel like you’re writing on paper with this which is fantastic for taking handwritten notes or annotating things and highlighting things. This means the Apple Pencil is fantastic for students who use an iPad Pro as their computer and for notetaking.

People may ask why you’d use the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro over a notebook, and to that, I say because you have much more access to different things, you could screenshot something from a textbook or the internet and annotate it, highlight it and write notes alongside it. It makes notetaking better and you have every single thing for all your subjects in one place.


The Apple Pencil itself kind of has this sort of palm recognition thing with the iPad so once the iPad recognises that you’re using the pencil, it won’t mess up if it feels your palm on the screen (especially great if you’re left-handed like me) and it’s great for notes, photo editing and for artists. A variety of people can use it for different reasons. I do however think the way to charge it is very odd and potentially dangerous as you take off the pen cap and plug it into the lightning port on the iPad. Or you can use the adapter for it so you can charge it with a cable instead of using your iPads battery to charge it. I find that plugging it into your iPad could be potentially dangerous as if someone or something knocks it, you could break your Pencil.

Overall, I do enjoy the Apple Pencil as it has a wide variety of uses, but it is very expensive, at £99, it is definitely an item you want to make sure you’re getting plenty of use out of to make it worth the money, but if you’re an artist, photographer who edits on the iPad Pro or a student who wants to use their iPad for notes for school, then I highly recommend it, but if you don’t think you’d use it much or you don’t have a specific use for it, I’d give it a pass.


How I use a Filofax-type Planner

For a few years on and off I’ve tried to be a slightly active member of the Planner community, but for some reason, I’ve just never been able to keep up with it. When using a planner as a weekly diary, I found myself often forgetting to write things down and because I was so busy with school I rarely ever had anything to write in other than Birthdays or school holidays or things like that, especially as my school provided us with our own planners to keep track of homework and exam dates and lesson cancellations.

Now that I am no longer in school, I still currently don’t have much to do and anything that needs writing down and remembering is often put into the calendar on my phone. So now I use a planner for keeping track of books and a few other things. As someone who buys a lot of books and reads a lot of books, I needed to be able to keep track of what I was reading so I thought a planner would be the best thing and I found it to be really useful.


I used to use a Personal sized Filofax (Gold Saffiano) to keep track of my books, but I have recently moved into an unbranded A5 planner which was £6.99 on eBay (where the picture comes from, I own the blue one!) and I’m using it for the same thing and even slightly more. In my planner I have the books I’ve read throughout the year (starting at 2012, when I first started using Goodreads), book goals for the year, books I have bought throughout the year (name, author, where I’ve bought it from and the price) and other things such as keeping track of my savings account, blog stats, Instagram stats and just other non-bookish things.


I enjoy colour coding things so using Procreate on my iPad pro, I have created backgrounds to print onto Filofax paper and those are what I use for inserts. They’re not the prettiest at the moment but I think over time they will look better.

Does anyone else use a Planner to keep track of books? I’d love to know!