Book Review – Castles of England by John Paul Davis


Name: Castles of England

Author: John Paul Davis

Publication Date: 21st September 2021

Format: Hardcover

Goodreads Link: Here

Review: I want to begin by saying that I was sent this book for free by Pen & Sword, but all thoughts are my own. This book contains bite-size amounts of information about a large amount of castles in England. Each chapter is to do with a different area of the UK (e.g Kent) and then has smaller snippets within of different castles. This book was one clearly written out of passion. You can feel the excitement and interest in the pages when reading this book and it’s so well researched. I loved reading about the origins and basic history of these different castles, including ones I know and love myself such as Hever Castle and Dover castle, as they are in my home county of Kent.

I felt sucked back into these different time periods and with each castle discussed could imagine myself walking around them and soaking up the history. If you’re the kind of person that loves these sorts of visits during holidays or just day trips, this is definitely one to read and it made me want to visit more castles!!

Overall it was so well written and researched and I loved the passion involved in the writing.

Rating: 4/5

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