I’ve been gone a while and thought it would make sense to specify why and update you all on what will happen with this blog in the future.

Why I was gone:

I was gone because I’ve been focusing on other things. I enrolled in an open degree in photography at the end of January and since then photography in general has been my main focus, although I have still been reading a fair bit. Photography and life in general has been getting in the way, but I have been wanting to give this update and even post on here, but I’ve only kind of started trying to make some time for it.

What will happen with this blog:

I have some posts planned and do plan on trying to do some posts or book reviews at some point. Book hauls and Book goal updates will be coming out vaguely soon. I haven’t gotten any more arcs from netgalley as i need to read some more of the books I own myself and have also been using my local library more, but in terms of book reviews, I think I will do reviews on books that are either really good or quite bad, or just where I have a strong opinion. I’m not sure how often I will post but it’ll be as often as I can, and I’m also not sure if I’m going to post non-bookish things or not.

I hope this provides some sort of insight into what’s been going on and what’ll happen on here in the future and thank you for your understanding!


An Introduction

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d write a little introduction to this blog, and give you an opportunity to get to know the person behind it, and what sorts of things will be posted on here. I want to use this blog as something that gives me a chance to put down my thoughts on things such as technology, books and photography, and even maybe give some helpful hints into things.

I really really love photography, reading and techy stuff, so these will be the 3 main things that get mentioned on here. I may do reviews on bits of technology that have had an impact on my life, or things that may be useful for other things that I own, which could benefit other people. With books, I will most likely post my thoughts about certain books that have really gotten to me in one way or another and with photography, I’m not sure what I would post but it’ll most definitely get incorporated into this blog.

Anyway, getting to know me. I’ll most likely publish an ‘about’ page on here, but my here’s a few things about me. My name is Laura and I’m 18 and from Kent. I’m a September baby and as of right now, I’m doing 3 A-Levels and an EPQ (extended project qualification). My 3 A-Levels are Religious Studies, English Literature and Film Studies, so as you can tell, I do enjoy writing things, as these are 3 essay subjects. My favourite things are photography, reading, casual games, technology and animals, and more recently I have just loved going outside on walks, and that’s thanks to my boyfriend. I’m not the sort of girl who is really into makeup, as honestly, even though I own some, I never wear any, and the only time I do is on special occasions. I tend to only wear lipstick or tinted lip balms semi-regularly, so that’ll be something that will most likely never appear on here.

Considering that I love writing things, I sometimes do not know what to say or how to end things. So, if anyone is reading this, thank you so much for reading and I look forward to posting more on here in the future 🙂