Book Review – A Cat Called Norton by Peter Gethers


Author: Peter Gethers

Book: A Cat Called Norton


Format: Paperback

Rating: 4/5

Review: This was a particularly sweet little book. I love reading real-life stories to do with extraordinary animals and little Norton is no exception. Norton is a Scottish Fold cat who is owned by Peter, who previously hated cats until this special little kitten came into his life.Β The book discusses their adventures and how different Norton is to the average cat. He travels with Peter everywhere, which reminded me of Bob (from a Streetcat Named Bob) and it was so so sweet. The book is between 200-300 pages long and is a short but sweet read. I feel like considering the book is about Norton though it focused a lot on Peter’s relationships which I wasn’t too fussed about, but of course Norton was heavily included. I do feel as if though sometimes the point of the writing went away from Norton a bit too much which is odd considering the book is about the cat! Overall though if you do enjoy books to do with animals and their real-life stories, I do recommend this one, but be warned to occasionally have it drift away from Norton and it is very short so I feel as if people could get through it very quickly.