Book Review – A Cat Called Norton by Peter Gethers


Author: Peter Gethers

Book: A Cat Called Norton


Format: Paperback

Rating: 4/5

Review: This was a particularly sweet little book. I love reading real-life stories to do with extraordinary animals and little Norton is no exception. Norton is a Scottish Fold cat who is owned by Peter, who previously hated cats until this special little kitten came into his life.┬áThe book discusses their adventures and how different Norton is to the average cat. He travels with Peter everywhere, which reminded me of Bob (from a Streetcat Named Bob) and it was so so sweet. The book is between 200-300 pages long and is a short but sweet read. I feel like considering the book is about Norton though it focused a lot on Peter’s relationships which I wasn’t too fussed about, but of course Norton was heavily included. I do feel as if though sometimes the point of the writing went away from Norton a bit too much which is odd considering the book is about the cat! Overall though if you do enjoy books to do with animals and their real-life stories, I do recommend this one, but be warned to occasionally have it drift away from Norton and it is very short so I feel as if people could get through it very quickly.



Photography Inspiration

In my opinion, for photography it is important to be inspired and find the things that inspire you. I tend to take a lot of pictures of nature and animals because those are things that I find wonderful and beautiful and unique so I like having the opportunity to take photos out there. I love living near forests and beaches and even a main city because there is so much out there.