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Book Review – Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo

34443972Book: Wonder Woman: Warbringer

Author: Leigh Bardugo

Format: Paperback

Rating: 5/5

Review: This book is to do with Diana, who is an Amazon born from dirt on the island of Themyscira to the queen, so she is a princess. In this book, she is a teenager and so are the mortals/humans she meets. It’s from a third person perspective and gets focalised around not only Diana, but from the main mortal in this book, Alia. It revolves around Alia being a descendant of Helen of Troy and being a ‘warbringer’, which means she is dangerous. They meet because of a tragedy and Diana must make the moral decision of letting a mortal human live or die, unaware of what Alia is. Both Alia and Diana are characters that can relate to each other as they both feel as if they are outsiders (Diana because she didn’t earn her right to be on the island like her warrior ‘sisters’, and Alia because of what she has discovered of her own past as well as her Race, as she is black) and a huge part of Diana in this book is that she wants to prove herself to her ‘sisters’ and to her new friends, she wants to be a hero and save the day. And because of the relation to Helen of Troy, a lot of this book revolved around Greek Mythology and Greek Gods, but it also mixes with science. The book is also based around modern day, which is different to the film starring Gal Galdot, as that was set around WW1. The characters in this book have such variety, with the main people being people of colour and one even being LGBT, it’s very interesting to have that variety and they’re all very well written. The plot twists in this book were incredible and I couldn’t believe some of it, and the character development of Alia and Diana was amazing to see, I found myself really rooting for them! In all, this book is action-packed, well written, interesting, fun and has a beautifully sweet ending. I highly recommend this book, especially if you are a fan of Wonder Woman or just DC in general.



My Introduction to Harley Quinn

3470329-harley-quinn-female-villians-2439836-259-337Harley Quinn, also known as Dr Harleen Frances Quinzel is definitely one of my new favourite fictional characters.

My first full introduction to her was when she was portrayed by Margot Robbie in the ‘Suicide Squad’ film. Since then I have read a full comic bind up of hers (DC Comics Collection Knock Knock Jokes & Preludes) and seen a few bits and pieces from other comics on the internet. I have also seen a few episodes of the cartoons with her in and I absolutely love her. I love the multiple styles that she has and her silly behaviour.

As we all know, she’s not had the best relationship with the Joker, and her relationship is very abusive and I’ve seen many complaints about this, but when you think about it properly, do you really expect the Joker to treat anyone right? They’re both completely and utterly insane, even if the feelings are there, Harley will go back because she’s crazy and crazy in love with him and the Joker will continue to treat her how he does because he’s completely mad as well! I’d be shocked if anyone takes their relationship seriously and continues to complain honestly. It’s fictional, people will not take them as ‘relationship goals’ and want a relationship like that. It’s common sense surely?

official-dc-comics-harley-quinn-diamonds-print-wallet-purseAnyway. I will admit that I am beginning to develop a want for all things Harley. The purse I use on a daily basis is actually an official DC Comics Harley Quinn purse! I also have the build a bear of her (and the Joker) and an itty bitty. But I want to start collecting the comics. I know I want the Bombshell ones, as I have heard good things about it and there are other Harley comics that I want as well, but I just don’t know where to start! If anyone has advice on where to begin with just Harley, please let me know as a comment.

Overall, my introduction to Harley Quinn has not involved much, but I really enjoy her character and I want to learn more and read/watch more to do with her. I’d like to also know other people’s views on Harley’s character.