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Review – eBay iPad Mini Case

On the 8th of May I bought a rose gold case from eBay for £3.89 and it arrived on the 10th of May. I bought it because I loved the colour (it matches my phone and watch) and it reminded me of a better version of the Apple smart covers. So, what are my thoughts?

71eiiuviupl-_sx425_Well to start with, it is a two-part case. You first put the front on, like any other Smart Cover (like the official Apple ones), and then click the backing on, which also helps keep the magnetically attached front from falling off, and gives the appearance that the case is one piece. The back is slightly transparent, so you can see the Apple logo, and the colour looks great! Especially if you have a silver iPad like I do.

It feels surprisingly high quality for the price. The actual Smart Cover part feels really nice, I feel as if my screen is definitely protected and I have no worries of it slipping about or off and damaging my screen. The back is just a standard plastic clip-on case, so you can’t really go wrong there, but it is a smooth texture and feels very nice. The entire iPad feels protected. Because the case is so thin, my iPad still remains to be a light and portable device, which is great considering the old case made it feel so heavy and bulky, yet I feel as if both cases offered the same amount of protection, and if anything I think this current case feels more high quality, and from memory I think it was a fair bit cheaper! This case probably isn’t the best for travelling with if you’re more worried about it getting damaged in any way just because it is so thin with a magnetic cover, so I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re particularly panicky, but my iPad stays at home the majority of the time (apart from when I go to my boyfriends house and when I brought it to school a couple of times) so I don’t have to worry too much about travelling, but if you are someone to travels with your iPad a lot, you may prefer a bulkier case for that. If you’re someone like me who only takes it with you occasionally and it stays at home the majority of the time, then this case is definitely for you and I’ve seen it available in a variety of colours. I do recommend this case and I think it was a great deal!


Review – Rose Gold Milanese Watch Strap (from eBay)

The minute I got the Apple Watch (which I will do a review on soon) I knew I had to get a milanese loop strap. I saw the look of them on multiple websites in silver and thought they looked beautiful. But, as I have the rose gold watch, I wanted a rose gold band. After looking on the official Apple website, I not only discovered that these bands were £149 each, but there was no rose gold! So away I went to eBay and Amazon and for £7.99 I found a rose gold milanese strap. I fell in love and ordered it as soon as I could.

Now, I absolutely adore my Apple Watch, and I do love the sports band that comes with it, but I really did want to get one of these simply for variety and because it’ll make the watch look a little bit more classy when in more formal settings, especially as I know soon I’ll be going to a Christening, and I don’t really want to be wearing an informal looking sporty watch strap to that!

I ordered the strap on the 6th of April and it arrived on the 8th of April, and tried it a couple of times and here’s what I think. It’s a great quality watch band and for £7.99, it is an absolutely amazing price. Now unfortunately I can’t link anyone to it, as the listing has recently been taken down for some reason, but you can find ones similar for a pound or two more expensive which I still think is a great price for this. Now, as I don’t own an official milanese strap, I can’t compare the two, but what I can say is the quality of this band is what I imagine Apple’s official one to feel like. The metal is comfortable and feels breathable and also feels very strong and sturdy. The magnet is very strong and I had absolutely no worries about it coming loose or anything. I let my boyfriend try it too and he noticed that it didn’t snag on any arm hairs, but when I was wearing it, the only issue I found is that the edges of the band kept getting caught on my hair band, but that problem is easily fixed by simply moving my hair band slightly further away (I always wear one on my wrist). I have very tiny wrists, somewhere between 13 to 15cm if I remember correctly, so the magnet has to touch the very tip of the other side of the band, which is fine, but I want to put that out there as a warning for anyone with tiny wrists.

Overall, this band is amazing quality from what I can tell, and is an absolutely amazing price and available in a wide variety of colours, more than Apple’s official range of these bands! This is definitely something that would be a lot more classy than the sports band, and is perfect for more formal occasions, but also looks great in a casual look. It’s definitely worth the money and if you can get your hands on one for roughly this price of even just a tad more expensive, you’ll be getting a great deal and it’s so totally worth it. I’m just hoping this band lasts a long time, and considering how strong the magnet is, I feel like it’ll last. I highly recommend one of these bands!