A-Level results day stress

On the 17th of August 2017, I collected my A-level results. I’m not going to go into what I got because some of it I’m proud of and some I am a little disappointed in but never mind. I’m not going to university so I didn’t have as much riding on these results as other people but for me, it was still a very nerve-wracking day, or well, a portion of a day.

A lot of my friends and I did not sleep the previous night because of nerves and although this is something that a lot of people experience and it’s something I’ve experienced before with AS results and GCSE results, it still made me feel rubbish on the day. Mix lack of sleep with sickness from stress & nervousness, and I felt so so ill! However, the minute we got into school and collected and opened those envelopes we all suddenly felt better. Even if we did or didn’t get the grades we wanted/hoped for/needed, the initial relief of knowing what you got was there. For me, that was the end of the stress and I suddenly felt so much better.

For me, results day is actually more stressful than taking the exams. At my school, we did so many practice ones and homework tasks to prefer for certain types of questions that the initial idea of doing an exam wasn’t that stressful anymore. Of course, I’ve always been a little nervous about taking exams, I mean who doesn’t get nervous? But it’s the dreaded waiting to discover how you did which affects the majority a lot more.

In all, I have finished with education and I am happy about it. I may one day want to try to go to university but for now, I am fine with not having to do exams or wait for results ever again. For those who are awaiting results or just got them, I hope everything went well. For those who are still in any form of education, good luck for the future with learning and exams.




Reading Slump

Reading slump. That thing no reader wants to go through but does occasionally find themselves experiencing. With me, this happens after I’ve had to take a break from reading because I’ve not had time (because of school) and it happens so much during the exam period. My exams start mid-June and pretty much any spare moment from school and revision is spent either eating, sleeping or spending time with my family or boyfriend. I’ve not had time to read and for me it is awful.

This year I got through 3 Carrie Fisher books really quickly and after that, my reading drifted. I read 1 book with my boyfriend and another book on my own (Star Wars: Bloodlines) and after that, nothing. I don’t even know what sorta book I’m in the mood for! I can’t even really remember what I usually do to get out of a slump, but I feel like what I need is a new-release or a new want to read a certain book that I own, but that epiphany of what to read hasn’t happened yet… Ugh.

I think this reading slump will fix itself once all of my exams are done, as I would have left school and would have had a bit more relaxing time. But any relaxing time, I’ve found myself drifting further towards video games instead of books. Currently, if I want to relax, I’ll either watch YouTube or play on my 3DS or PS Vita. And although I want to do these things, I do feel a little bit guilty that I’m not reading… I really can’t think of anything to do, so I guess this post is a little bit of me asking for help.

Does anyone know ways to cure a reading slump? I will try anything after exams (end of June). Thank you guys in advance!