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Review – iPad Mini

So as a tech lover, and more specifically an Apple tech lover, of course at some stage in my life I had to own an iPad. I got the mini option pre-owned a long time ago but have only recently really started going on it again. More for blogging and photo editing and kinda using it as a little thing to draw with. I wanted an iPad because of the bigger screen and for editing and drawing and reading if I so desired (even though I have a kindle for that!!) and I just find it really fun to use. Since I am a small person I think the iPad Mini is the best option for me, and I honestly think the other iPads are just too big, especially for me, and I have found them in the past to be a little heavy and bulky with a case on. My iPad as of right now has a very worn out flip case, and I definitely need to get that changed, but even with a more bulky case on, it’s not too bad and weighs very little, I really think the Mini is best for portability, and it’ll easily fit in any handbag or schoolbag.


1429446_R_Z001AAs a whole this is a really enjoyable device and I feel like I need to be using it more often and I kinda feel bad that I neglected it for so long, but now it is getting the love and use that the little thing deserves. I will most often be using it for reading, YouTube, games and photo editing and maybe occasionally using it for blog posts like I am right now. Yup, to test this device’s capability with WordPress I am typing the review of the iPad Mini on the iPad Mini. I wouldn’t say many people would find an iPad to be a necessity in their lives, but if you feel like you want one and know you’d get a fair bit of use out of it to be worth the money you pay (as these things can be pricey at times) then I highly recommend one, it is a lovely little device with a high variety of uses. Let me know what you think of it if you have one!


Sims 2 – My Favourite Game

If you’re about my age (18), maybe a bit older, maybe a bit younger, you’ll know of Sims 2. When I was younger I absolutely loved it. For a while I’ve been unable to play any PC game because I have a Chromebook for school, but more recently I’ve gotten a laptop. Now, it’s obviously not the best laptop in the world, but it runs sims 2 and I’m able to use Word and play some other games and it makes me very happy. Being able to play Sims 2 again has been like I’ve reopened and rediscovered my childhood. I have so many memories of playing that game. I loved sending sims off to university, I loved making big families, designing houses, creating stories and playing around with the pre-made families in their little houses and continuing on with their stories, and even looking up about the mystery behind the famous sim of Bella Goth.

I used to be a huge lover of custom content, I always found myself downloading nice clothes and skins and famous celebrities turned into sims from websites like Modthesims and even directly from the Sims 2 website. But playing it again, I realise I love just the original content and what got brought into each expansion pack and stuff pack. I’ll admit my favourite stuff pack was the H&M Stuff, and my favourite expansion pack was most likely Pets. I just loved being able to make pets and put them into my game, it to me added so much to the families. I’ve found myself now enjoying the more simple things within the game, I’ve not felt this need to download extra content into my game like I used to feel. I’ll admit, some more hair colour choices may be nice, I may benefit from those but in all I do enjoy the game how it is.

When I moved house I did struggle to find a lot of my packs for Sims 2, but it wasn’t until I think a few years ago I realised at the time Origin had been doing an amazing thing. I think it may have been to celebrate an anniversary of Sims 2 or something, but they released the entire collection out for FREE if you put in a certain code. I did it and that is how I’ve been playing the game. Thanks to the generosity of Origin, I’ve been able to play a game that meant so much to me in my childhood. I have played Sims 3, and as much as I loved the open world and the customisation options for every single item, I do prefer the simplicity of Sims 2. I haven’t had the chance to play Sims 4, as unfortunately I know my laptop won’t run it, but from what I’ve seen, although I know I’d enjoy it, I also know for certain that I’d go back to Sims 2 every single time. It’s a game that has meant a lot to me and honestly, I’m just glad to have it back in my life.


Opinion on the PS Vita

Hopefully everyone knows about the PS Vita, but for anyone who doesn’t, it’s a portable, handheld console made by Sony (PlayStation) that was originally released in 2011. Its kind of been forgotten or abandoned, as honestly there don’t seem to be that many games for it, or at least many big-name games for it.

I own 5 games for the vita, a couple of which I purchased pre-owned at fairly cheap prices from various places (Amazon, eBay, CEX). For anyone wondering, I own the Michael Jackson Experience, Minecraft, Little Big Planet, Mortal Kombat and Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens and they are all games I really enjoy.

Honestly I love handheld consoles a lot, and this is one of my favourites, in my opinion it is a huuuuge step up from the PSP, (PlayStation Portable) which is something I used to enjoy quite a lot. I will admit I don’t use this console as much because I am so addicted to my 3DS, but I have recently been going on it more often and I’m really enjoying it. The games run so smoothly and the graphics are so amazing.

My favourite game for it is probably Little Big Planet because it’s so cute and is just perfect for the Vita. I’m not great at it just because I’m a little clumsy with my fingers and end up doing the wrong thing, but in all it’s really enjoyable and I think a variety of ages would enjoy it. I’m an 18 year old girl and I love it, I’ve loved the games since I was younger and I know a few males that enjoy them too, which shows it’s kinda for everyone! Like I said before, the graphics are really good and nice and for games like Little Big Planet it just makes everything more cute and detailed, and in games like Mortal Kombat you really see the graphic content in full, which is both interesting but also a little gross!

Overall, with the Vita, it’s a really fun handheld and I wish Sony did more for it because it’s so amazing, I love how it has a touch-screen and that there’s a touch pad on the back and I have quite small hands yet it’s so comfortable to hold. I really enjoy it and if anyone has a Vita, please let me know any games you enjoy as I’m looking into finding more interesting games for it!


Amiibo Cards – Are They Worth The Money?

If you are a fan of Nintendo, you’ll know about amiibos. For those who don’t know, they’re cards and figures that can connect to some Nintendo consoles (such as New 3DS and Wii U) via NFC (near field communication). They can add stuff into games such as Animal Crossing New Leaf, Happy Home Designer (both for 3DS) and Amiibo Festival (Wii U). The figures tend to go for roughly £10ish depending on where you get them, and the cards in the UK come in packs of 3 (1 special, 2 normal) for about £3.49 according to Amazon.
So for just over £1 per card, you’re getting an amiibo. A toy-to-life. But, is it worth it? Personally for me, I love the fauna-ecae38114593b4b3262704833282f7c174c4198025b0e4b637348cd0aa57f440Amiibo cards. As someone who loves collecting and used to collect Magic the Gathering and YuGiOh cards (as well as Vanguard), I love collecting little cards and the fact that these ones, although being more expensive, actually do something in games that I really love, it’s fantastic. I haven’t had the chance to play with them in New Leaf yet, but I have played around with Happy Home Designer and Amiibo Festival and they’ve been really fun.

In Happy Home Designer, you use the cards to phone up specific characters (special characters being ones you can’t design for in any other way) and then you can design their home for them. In Amiibo Festival, if you use an Amiibo Card when organising your town, that specific character can host your game, events can be made around them (such as with birthdays) and if you keep the card with you while you’re in the game, you can use them to roll the dice for you, increasing the chance of getting the specific desired number on the dice, as each character has a specific dice number on the card. Meaning in games, they can be very helpful.

In all, I think Amiibo cards are worth the money and are in general both adorable and fun. They are nice things to collect and can be great additions to certain games. So if you love collecting cards, are a fan of Nintendo, you’ll love these. It just depends on what you think of the price.


Video Game Consoles – what do I own & love?

Ever since I was little, I have honestly loved video games, but the company that has always stood out to me most has been Nintendo, because they have such a wide variety of games available for a wide variety of ages and there is always something for everyone. Of course I do have other companies that I love, like Xbox (Microsoft) and I do enjoy a bit of what Sony (PlayStation) put out, but that is mainly the handhelds.

So over my life I have owned a variety of consoles, and right now I have a total of 9. This includes both home and handheld consoles. For home ones, I own an Xbox One and a Wii U. I did used to own an Xbox 360 but I sold it. With handhelds, I have old and new ones, my older ones are things like the PSP, Gameboy Colour, DS Lite, Dsi XL & the Gameboy Advance SP, whereas with newer ones I have the New 3DS and the PS Vita.


With my Nintendo consoles, I really love Mario games and with the 3DS in particular I absolutely adore Animal Crossing New Leaf. With my 3DS I tend to stick with games you can dip in and out of whenever and much cuter games, but with my Vita, I kinda prefer fighting games. I love fighting games, like Mortal Kombat and Super Street Fighter, and I really wanna try out games like Injustice, and in general I wanna try some JRPGs with my PS Vita, as I’ve had recommendations for those by a friend.

My Xbox One and Wii U are two consoles I use for a variety of things other than gaming. I tend to just play games with my boyfriend on those, and the Wii U is a particular favourite as I love Mario Kart 8, but I tend to use them more for YouTube. I like watching videos on my TV and it’s just easier to watch when with my boyfriend as we don’t have to sit with the screen on our laps, making it easier when eating, or multitasking and playing on my 3DS!

If I have to pick a favourite console in both the home and handheld categories, I think I have the easy choice with the handheld category at least. For my favourite handheld, it has to be my 3DS, I play that thing so much and am slowly working on building up a good collection of games. With the home consoles though, I’m not too sure. I love both the Xbox One and Wii U equally, but I’d probably have to pick Wii U because I go on it more, and I have a huge love for Nintendo. I’d love to know what your favourite console is and even favourite games, so please let me know! 🙂


Ps. this is not bragging, but a post about something I love

Review – Mini Elite Transport Case (Nintendo 3DS)

I am a huge fan of the New 3DS. I have the normal sized one with pink and white stripe cover plates and I use it a lot, mainly for Animal Crossing New Leaf and Happy Home Designer, and about a year ago I wanted something to put the 3DS in, but also carry around a lot of games and spare bits and pieces. So, when I saw the Mini Elite Transporter case for £7.99 on Amazon, I had to get it and try it out.

81tg4j6fiql-_sy445_The case as 3 sections. A little pocket at the front (which I store my AR cards in), the main pocket which has a pouch for the 3DS and has bits to put spare styluses in and enough room to put other bits and bobs in. The third section is very thin, and contains slots to put your games in. You can normally fit 12 games in it, but I’ve discovered you are able to put 2 games in each slot since the slot is elasticated. Meaning in total you can try to carry 24 games if you want to.

It is a bit of a bulky case however, and it doesn’t always fit in my handbag, which is why I’m now considering buying a thinner case for travelling, but still use this case for storing the games and accessories that I don’t want to take with me. I do love this case and it does feel very sturdy, and it is an official Nintendo product, so you’re getting high quality and value for your money. This case isn’t really that costly, for £7.99 you’re getting something that you can carry pretty much everything in for your 3DS. The only issue for UK people however is that we won’t be able to get our chargers in there, unless it’s a USB cable and a separate adapter plug that can fold in, but I assume Americans wouldn’t have the same issue we do.

As a whole, although this case isn’t perfect for me, as it is quite bulky and doesn’t fit in my bag, when my 3DS is in there, I feel like it is being protected and it’s nice to have somewhere to put all of my games and accessories. I think if you carry around a bigger bag, or even if you just carry this around, it’ll be great for you, and I do highly recommend it. It’s a great price and amazing quality and is more spacious on the inside than you may initially think. As much as I love it, I will probably only use it for storage purposes and I will most likely get a different case to put my 3DS in when travelling. If you have this case, please let me know what you think of it.