Book Haul – January to June 2018

Between January and June, I managed to accumulate 19 books. This may sound like a lot but I did also get rid of some books and so many were purchased within the first month due to Christmas money.

I was given 3 books and I bought 16. These are all physical books, as I don’t include ebook ARCS here.

I’ll begin with the 3 books I was given. The first being sent to me as part of my university course, the other two as gifts from my dad. They are:IMG_5663

  1. The Photograph as Contemporary Art – Charlotte Cotton
  2. Legend: The Notorious True Story of the Kray Twins – John George Pearson
  3. Postcards to the Edge – Carrie Fisher

Next, I will go into the books I bought towards the beginning of the year. I can’t specifically remember how many, but I think about 7 of these books were from then or at least close to it. Those books are:IMG_5671

  1. Surrender the Pink – Carrie Fisher
  2. The Fellowship of the Ring – J R R Tolkien
  3. The Two Towers – J R R Tolkien
  4. The Return of the King – J R R Tolkien
  5. The Victoria Letters – Helen Rappaport & Daisy Goodwin
  6. Leia, Princess of Alderaan – Claudia Gray
  7. Our Story – Ronnie & Reggie Kray

The rest I bought after that and they are:


  1. Orphan Monster Spy – Matt Killeen
  2. Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag – Oliver Bowden
  3. Stalking Jack the Ripper – Keri Maniscalco
  4. Assassin’s Creed: Underworld – Oliver Bowden
  5. Assassin’s Creed: Desert Oath – Oliver Bowden
  6. All That She Can See – Carrie Hope Fletcher
  7. On The Other Side – Carrie Hope Fletcher
  8. Winter’s Snow – Carrie Hope Fletcher
  9. Wilde Like Me – Louise Pentland

So far I’ve read only 4 of them but hope to work on that during the rest of the year!



Christmas Book Haul 2017

Christmas has been and gone and now we’re firmly into January of 2018! To begin with, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a great new year. I want to also mention that this post is not for bragging. I love watching book hauls and reading posts about them so I wanted to join in with what books I got for Christmas. Only a few of these were given on the day and the others were purchased with Christmas money. So I will separate this post into 2 sections.

The books I actually got for Christmas were ‘Star Wars Made Easy’ by DK, ‘Victoria & Albert: A Royal Love Affair’ by Daisy Goodwin & Sara Sheridan and ‘Victoria: A Life’ by A. N. Wilson. I have already read the book by Daisy Goodwin and Sara Sheridan and I gave it a full 5/5 stars.


The other books I got for Christmas were purchased with money I received and are ‘Leia, Princess of Alderaan’ by Claudia Gray, ‘Victoria: The Heart and Mind of a Young Queen’ by Helen Rappaport and ‘Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag’ by Oliver Bowden. The third being part of a series I am collecting, and the first 2 being ones I am desperate to read this year. Leia actually being on my list of 10 books to read this year!


As you can probably tell, I’m very fond of the Victoria series on ITV at the moment, and have been trying to learn more about Queen Victoria, as I realised I didn’t know much about her before and I’ve always been keen on learning about the monarchy throughout history, such as I’ve been learning more about the Tudors too. What books did you get for Christmas? I’d love to know!