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Review – eBay iPad Mini Case

On the 8th of May I bought a rose gold case from eBay for £3.89 and it arrived on the 10th of May. I bought it because I loved the colour (it matches my phone and watch) and it reminded me of a better version of the Apple smart covers. So, what are my thoughts?

71eiiuviupl-_sx425_Well to start with, it is a two-part case. You first put the front on, like any other Smart Cover (like the official Apple ones), and then click the backing on, which also helps keep the magnetically attached front from falling off, and gives the appearance that the case is one piece. The back is slightly transparent, so you can see the Apple logo, and the colour looks great! Especially if you have a silver iPad like I do.

It feels surprisingly high quality for the price. The actual Smart Cover part feels really nice, I feel as if my screen is definitely protected and I have no worries of it slipping about or off and damaging my screen. The back is just a standard plastic clip-on case, so you can’t really go wrong there, but it is a smooth texture and feels very nice. The entire iPad feels protected. Because the case is so thin, my iPad still remains to be a light and portable device, which is great considering the old case made it feel so heavy and bulky, yet I feel as if both cases offered the same amount of protection, and if anything I think this current case feels more high quality, and from memory I think it was a fair bit cheaper! This case probably isn’t the best for travelling with if you’re more worried about it getting damaged in any way just because it is so thin with a magnetic cover, so I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re particularly panicky, but my iPad stays at home the majority of the time (apart from when I go to my boyfriends house and when I brought it to school a couple of times) so I don’t have to worry too much about travelling, but if you are someone to travels with your iPad a lot, you may prefer a bulkier case for that. If you’re someone like me who only takes it with you occasionally and it stays at home the majority of the time, then this case is definitely for you and I’ve seen it available in a variety of colours. I do recommend this case and I think it was a great deal!


Aliexpress – Is it trustworthy? 

Over my years of using the internet and developing my addiction to online shopping, I’ve seen many people wonder about Aliexpress. It’s a website with so much stuff on it to buy and a lot of the time it is extremely cheap. Many people I’ve seen are reluctant to use it and don’t trust it because of how cheap it is and that it’s mainly from China and it doesn’t use anything like PayPal, so you haven’t got that to back you up if anything happens to go wrong.

I have used Aliexpress for a variety of things over the years, and have bought things like stationary, jewellery and a few make-up type things (not cosmetics!!) and I’ve honestly never had a problem. If I’ve had issues like things are taking ages to ship or if I have any questions about items, I’ve been able to contact sellers and they have been very helpful and have responded quickly. I’ve not yet had anything not arrive or arrive broken or anything like that, so I’ve never had to deal with refunds but I would think that it would be easy to do, as sellers do seem very helpful and willing to make their customers happy.

Aliexpress does have a buyer protection program, so I guess that if you do have some issues with sellers and they’re refusing to give a refund or help you for whatever reason, you can probably get Aliexpress directly involved, like you can with eBay. Personally, considering the variety of things I have bought, I would have expected to have had issues but all the sellers I’ve bought from are really good, even the quality of the products are great.

I do have tips for Aliexpress though for anyone who wants to buy from there for the first time. My first tip is to look at the feedback. I am always looking at the feedback for items. The feedback can include pictures as well which is something I always prefer checking, and I even provide photo feedback for items I have purchased, which may help other potential buyers. My second tip is pick items that have lots of people buying them. On Aliexpress you are told how many people have put it in a wishlist and how many people have purchased it. I combine both the good reviews with the amount of people buying the product before I purchase something and that may be why I’ve had no issues. I’ve only bought things with barely any reviews a couple of times and that was with a ring and a fake blotterazzi (originally by beautyblender) and I think a washi tape as well and I had no issues but that was probably because there was great seller feedback. I’m not too fussed about the amount of purchases on a product if the seller has got great feedback and has had other items sell a lot with good feedback. Combining those together means I’ve had no issues with Aliexpress and hopefully it’ll continue to mean I have no issues with it.

But, do I find Aliexpress to overall be a trustworthy website? Definitely, as long as you buy from the right sellers and read the descriptions and reviews carefully. Aliexpress is a wonderful website to buy from and everything is great prices. But be warned, these items are coming from China and can possibly take a month or so to arrive. But I do recommend it, and please if anyone does use it, be careful and I hope my little tips were useful.